Modern Technology Of Textile Auxiliary And Chemicals With Formulations



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The book covers  B-Cyclodextrins in Textiles, Textile Auxiliary Formulations, Textile Finishing Compositions and Processes, Process for Finishing Textiles, Carbamate Melamine Textile Finish, Synergistic Antimicrobial Textile Finish, Textile Finishes of Silicone,  Lubricant Finish for Textiles,  Hydrophilic Finish for Textiles, Fluorine Efficient Finishes for Textiles, Oil Repellent Textile Finish, Flame Retardant Finish for Cellulosic Textile Materials, Aqueous Textile Finish, Process for Providing Synthetic Textile Fabrics with an Antistatic Finish,  Abrasion and Wrinkle resistant finish for Textiles,  Insect Repellent Finishes,  Wash and wear finishing of textiles, Spain finish, Soil Resistant Spin Finish for Polyamide Textile yarn, Metallized Textile, Cellulosic Textile finish with 1,3-dimethylol-4-5 dihydroxy-2 imidazolidinone, Zinc Nitrate and a Sequestering Agent, Processes for Generating Halamine Compounds on Textile Substrates to produce Antimicrobial Finish, Technical Textiles, Textile Formulations, Flame Retardants for Textiles, Chlorinated and Bromo chlorinated Paraffins as Flame Retardants for Fabrics, Textile Sizing, Pigment ink Formulation List of Formulations of Printing Ink,  Properties and Application of the Formulations

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